Ambitious. Bubbly. Curious. Dynamic. Elusive. Free Spirited. Humourous. Inventive. Positive. Lovable. Zappy
I am a talented young professional who is passionate about my work, interests and life.

I grew up on a farm and was raised to appreciate the value of hard work, family and nature.

I enjoy meeting new people and believe that we all have something to contribute to each other and the world.
As a young child the words of Dr. Seuss resonated with me, one of my favourites being "Oh the Thinks you can Think".

This has carried me well in my life and resulted in a variety of interests and a life long quest to learn and laugh. 

Times change...people change...interests change...
With that in mind...

My current personal interests consist of family life, accounting and sports. 

My current professional interests consist of managerial accounting, small business development and teaching.