Corporate & Estate Tax Accounting

We provide complete accurate tax returns and accounting services for all our corporate and estate (trust) clients. Our objective is to minimize your tax obligations by claiming all allowable deductions and credits. For estate clients (final returns and trust/estate returns) we determine the optimal elections to file to reduce the total tax obligations related to the death of a taxpayer.


Corporate Tax Returns


We start off by accurately reporting the income from your financial statements. Then we review all filing options or elections to decide how to reduce the tax payable to the minimum required. The end result is the least tax required is payable and any audit risk is reduced.


Personal Tax Returns


Our goal is to prepare accurate and complete personal tax returns. Whether you are self-employed, and investment income or a rental property we will ensure that all eligible expenses are claimed to reduce your tax obligations.


Trust Tax Returns


After someone dies the executor may be required to file a trust (estate) return. We ensure that all allowable expenses are claimed and that the minimum amount of tax is paid. Where needed we will request clearance certificates from CRA.


Corporate Tax Return Accounting may seem complicated and overwhelming. If you have run into tax issues such as falling behind in your returns or CRA disagreements with assessments it can be difficult to know what to do next.


As your local Professional Accounting Firm we can help you with these problems and get you back on track with your taxes.